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3 Most Important Strategies You Cannot Miss to Anchor Your Digital Transformation

Baoxuan Tan
Baoxuan Tan

October 19, 2021

Elena Luo

Have you tried launching a new product or service, and invested a tonne of money into driving it but you see no results? Why does digital advertising, SEO or even loyalty programmes still bring little to no actual business impact for you?

Now, ask yourself - have you given ample thought to your customers and business transformation strategies before rushing to adopt digital tools and technologies?

In this article, we will introduce the 3 key customer-centric approaches you can adopt to anchor your digital transformation journey and drive better growth and results.

#1 Product Market Fit Approach

Source: Developer Experience

According to Marc Andreessen, product-market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market. This happens when you have successfully identified your target audience and offered them the right product. The key questions to ask here would be:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they feel about your product?
  • Are they willing to pay for it?
  • Are they willing to spread the word to others on their own?

If you find yourself still lacking and unsure of your answers, no digital tools and marketing analytics will be able to help you. It is important to first define a clear brand promise that conveys your unique value to customers. A good product-market fit is not only about meeting customer needs, but also about building emotional connections.

#2 Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map refers to a visual picture of your customer or user journey. This presents you with an opportunity to see things from the customers’ perspective, identify areas to optimize their experience, and most importantly, solve their pain points.

In creating your customer journey map, first identify the various opportunities where your customer will engage with you. There are 5 main stages, given in the example below.

Source: Columbia Road

  1. Awareness - How did your customer get to hear about you?
  2. Consideration - What is the customer’s train of thought before they decide to buy from you?
  3. Decision - What does the customer need to do in order to make a purchase?
  4. Delivery & Use - How is the product being delivered to the customer?
  5. Loyalty & Advocacy - Are there any opportunities to get a repeat order, or to spread word of mouth?

In each of the stages above, you should identify the customer’s goal and how you can help optimize and make their experience a more positive one. Once you are able to better identify their expectations, you can tailor the experience to better suit their needs.

#3 Design Thinking

In using  Design Thinking, you should keep the 5 key stages in mind.

Source: UX Beginner

  1. Empathise - Research your users’ needs
  2. Define - State your users’ needs and problems
  3. Ideate - Identify innovative solutions to each problem statement defined
  4. Prototype - Start to create solution and identify best possible solution
  5. Test - Rigorously test the prototypes

Stages 1 to 5 will help reframe the problem in human-centric ways and provide the framework for you to think out of the box. You may find yourself returning to previous stages to redefine your problem statements, and that is supposed to happen. The key is to gain the deepest understanding of your users, and what the ideal solution is for them.

At Binomial, we believe that a strong customer-centric business strategy will set you in the right direction of your growth plan. Regardless of which customer-centric approach you use, it is imperative to anchor it with your overarching business strategy.

Binomial is an innovative consulting firm. We combine practical growth strategies, design thinking, and agile execution for your company to succeed in digital transformation.

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