Binomial’s strategy programme helps companies achieve their vision by developing strategies & plans, and then converting them into roadmaps to align implementation efforts.

“Ideas are easy. Execution is everything.”
- John Doerr, Chairman of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins

Some of the business strategy challenges we have helped clients tackle:
1. We know we need to look ahead but are too busy, how do we plan for the future?
2. We think our customers have changed, but we don’t know why or how to respond?
3. Everything seems important but we cannot do them all, how do we prioritise our list?
4. Everyone is doing something different, how do we build synergy across the company? 
5. Our strategic plans just collect dust, how do we infuse it into our day-to-day work?

Insights: Why we all need a strategy

What is strategy and why should we bother in a world where everything is changing so quickly? Because the alternative of merely responding to customer changes, competitor maneuvers, and disruptive startups puts your business at risk of being sidelined. Read more…

Our strategy offer

Your vision is only as good as your strategy to achieve it. We can help you figure out the plan and align your team, so everyone is pulling in the right direction. From customer-centric decision-making to strategic masterplan to OKRs, we help you go from ideas to execution.


Your customers’ needs and expectations evolve  faster than ever. We can uncover consumer insights through primary research (qualitative and quantitative) and data analytics to develop customer segments, personas, and Jobs to be Done, so you can understand who they are and why they buy from you. After that, we can help map out their customer journeys and the corresponding service blueprint, so you can take tangible steps to strengthen the delight and eliminate any pain or friction they face.


We will lead you through a comprehensive process that includes three steps:
1. Start from your mission, vision, and values to articulate your strategic positioning and direction
2. Use strategic frameworks (such as the triple bottom line) that uniquely suit your company to identify core building blocks that align with your positioning
3. Enable your teams to align their work plans, metrics, and budget with the strategic framework and building blocks


We are believers of John Doerr’s quote, “Ideas are easy. Execution is everything.” Just having a plan is not enough; we can help your people work on what matters and get things done with effective execution through OKRs. The stretch, transparency, and trackability they bring make OKRs an ideal tool to align your entire organisation.

Take action now to develop your business strategy

If you want to optimise your organisation to move faster towards your goals, Binomial’s strategy programme will help you be customer-centric, align your people, and lay out the blueprint for the journey ahead.

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We don’t stop here. Your business strategy should be closely linked with your organisation’s innovation and branding efforts. We believe every business needs to have innovation as part of their DNA and an impactful brand so they reap the rewards of their efforts. Check out our innovation and branding offer to know how we can help you elevate your business.

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