Binomial’s branding programme helps companies with great products create equally great brands, so you stand out above the rest and gain more customers. Some of the branding challenges we have helped clients tackle:

1. Our brand is old and tired, how do we reposition ourselves for the future?
2. We’ve been fighting on price; how might a brand free us from that?
3. Our products are better than competitors’, but how do we let people know that?
4. How do we attract younger consumers who see us as for their parents?
5. Can we use the brand to inspire staff and get them to behave like owners?

Insights: Building a brand that lasts

Too often, branding is seen tactically, whether as clever messaging to bait customers or EDMs riding on the latest meme. While those can work in the short-term, there is a better, more strategic way. If you want to build your company to last, you need to do the same with your brand. Read more...

Our branding offer

If you have a great product, but find it hard to stand out to customers in the crowded market, we can elevate your brand to become a strategic tool that attracts customers and converts them into fans.


A good business is a good brand. Before you start any design, you need to have a positioning that wins. Our proprietary Binomial’s Brand Elements Map will diagnose your strengths and gaps, and guide youthrough the discovery process in order to find your brand’s unique proposition and personality.


With your strategic brand positioning developed, we get creative and explore the most impactful way to communicate your brand story. Visually and verbally, we help you update perceptions of your brand with your key stakeholders - customers, users, partners, and employees - across all relevant marketing touch points.


We organise your brand architecture and product portfolio to ensure they are optimised to support your long-term growth plans, provide clarity for customers, and increase your marketing ROI.


We look across the customer journey to construct service blueprints to more moments of delight to your customer experience. We also identify on-brand marketing initiatives across audiences and channels to develop an actionable roadmap for you to increase brand awareness and deepen customer engagement.


Once you have the assets and tools, the most important part of deploying your brand is your people. We’ll bring them up-to-speed and get ideas from them on how to better activate the brand externally and infuse it internally. Finally, we can improve what we measure, so we can help you define metrics to track your brand’s progress.

Take action now to build your brand

If you struggle with getting more customers to know your products & services, and want your brand to help you grow market share, Binomial’s branding programme will help you articulate why you are better, gain more customers, and convert them to fans.

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We don’t stop here. Branding’s role is to broadcast your innovation and business strategy, which means you need clarity and confidence in the two areas in the first place. If you need help with innovation and business strategy, check out how we can transform your business.

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